Welcome To Paintball Action Perth - Perth’s Premier Paintbal Venue!

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Paintball Action Perth


We provide all the Paintball Guns (Tippman 98), Paintballs and Masks that you need - you may bring you own (licensed) Paintball Gun and Body Armour/Mask as long as proof of license is provided,  but you can only use paintballs purchased at the site.

Please see the Packages page for details as to costs.


Paintball Action Perth Games Rules:


  • To participate you must  present for safety induction prior to playing at (Action Enterprises Perth P/L ) Paintball Action Perth
  • When walking between staging area and playing field please stay on driveway between bunting.
  • No Markers are to leave playing area ,without prior consent from Paintball Action Perth. When Personal Markers are removed , the CO2 or Air cylinder must be removed, and hopper removed from marker prior to leaving playing area.
  • Must be aware of location of emergency evacuation gathering point and First Aid Post, and smoking areas.
  • Mask on at all times, unless you are in Safety Zone, no standing on seats within the safety zone
  • Do not remove your mask to clean while playing; this must be done in the safe zone only
  • If you have any problems, seek out a game referee for assistance
  • Paint check is when the referee checks a player to see if the paintball has broke or not
  • Screaming hit, out, or raising your marker in the air means you are out, NO MATTER WHAT
  • When a player is marked, walk off the field with the marker up in the air, and place the marker on rack outside safety zone . Keep your mask on until you are safely inside the safe zone.
  • Owner wishing to bring their own markers on the day , must present there firearms licence with the markers serial number corresponding to the licence .Please make sure you organise the Paintball Action Perth prior to the day so arrangement can be made so not to have a marker in the staging area prior to or during the playing session.
  • Do not shoot at signage around playing area
  • Player that are renting paintball equipment, do not stick paintballs off the ground into the hopper (hopper holds the paintballs). These paintballs will jam up the marker and will break paint all in the barrel.
  • All paintball must be field paint only.
  • All players need to be at least 12 years old to play at Paintball Action Perth
  • Only licensed Semi –Auto Marker are used on this field
  • All players must sign a waiver of liability agreement to participate
  • All Player under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian sign a consent form prior to commencing play, or no play is allowed
  • Players to be respectful of neighbouring properties when leaving the field, driving in a  quiet and orderly fashion .Please keep speed to a minimum on the gravel road to minimise dust.

Any Questions, please feel free to ask
Let’s all go out and enjoy our self and stay SAFE